180 ° Night Recovery

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High Performance Night Cream

180° Skin Elements for Men Night Recovery with ActiCell and Green Rooibos 50ml

The Skin Elements for Men Night Recovery with ActiCell is a high performance restorative cream that helps skin to recover after shaving, aids in increased resilience in extreme weather conditions, and provides a heavy duty moisturising effect. It contains RegenerX, a bioactive that helps to reconstruct the skin and ASR Complex that helps to protect and provide defence against harsh environmental factors such as sunlight, free radicals and exposure to the elements. Also contains Annique’s exclusive extract of Green Rooibos, a powerful natural antioxidant together with Grape Seed Oil that strengthens the skin, aiding in improved elasticity and promoting quick recovery of dry and chapped skin.

1. Shea butter is originally used for its properties in reducing fine lines (ageing), to reduce marks and stretchmarks and also certain skin irritations such as psorias, eczema and to handle and improve sunburn.
2. Acanthopanax senticosus (eleuthero) root extract, also known as the Siberian ginseng. It is used mostly in medicines or natural forms of medicine such as seasonings. In products it has an inflammatory reduction effect.

Why a night cream?
Exposure to the elements like UV rays, pollution and wind, damages and strains the skin. Repeated exposure causes dryness, pigmentation and ageing. The optimum time for the body to repair itself is between 23:00 and 03:00. When you go to bed, your skin’s oxygen consumption and blood flow increases. This allows it to change into repair mode and reverse any damage sustained during the day. Applying a nutritious product designed to improve damage, like Skin Elements for Men Night Recovery, before you go to bed, allows the skin to utilise the active ingredients for eight hours while you sleep. You’ll wake up looking great, ready to kickstart the day.

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