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Galvanic-Phototherapy Device

Galvanic-Phototherapy Device
Annique’s new DermaLIFT II – Galvanic-Photofacial Device uses advanced galvanic ion and microcurrent technologies to help refine, restore, regenerate and rejuvenate skin. DermaLIFT II contains the same effective anti-ageing benefits of its predecessor, DermaLIFT, and also includes new innovative phototherapy – red and blue light technology – to enhance cellular activity and provide anti-bacterial benefits to the skin.

Fight 10 signs of ageing with one pioneering device:
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Lifts sagging skin
Counters dullness
Improves rough skin texture
Tightens tissue and muscle, to help tone and lift facial and body features
Restores a clear complexion
Improves hydration in dry and dehydrated skin
Minimises enlarged pores
Improves skin’s elasticity through increased collagen production
Minimises double chin

Additional uses:
Evens out skin tone
Improves acne
Soothes joint and muscle pain
Minimises stretchmarks
Reduces cellulite

Cordless, handheld device
Contains three interchangeable treatment heads:
Pure titanium ion treatment head
Red Phototherapy lights beneficial for anti-ageing
Blue Phototherapy lights have anti-bacterial properties to fight acne

Affordable alternative to spa treatments
Easy to use, portable, handheld device
Convenient – use it anywhere, anytime
Maximises absorption of key nourishing ingredients in Annique products
See visible results
Phototherapy adds anti-ageing and acne fighting benefits
Larger, ergonomic galvanic treatment head, makes the device ideal for body concerns like cellulite and flabby skin
Helps to tighten and tone for a more contoured body.
Firms the skin to encourage a lean and sculpted look.
Helps to rapidly remove toxins.
Improves the appearance of dimpled skin and cellulite.
Helps to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism to boost cell activity, reducing and preventing sagging, flabby skin.
Helps to transport beneficial nutrients and actives from Annique’s products deeper into the skin, resulting in faster active release and faster results.
Helps to remove excessive fluid and supports lymph drainage, enhancing cellulite treatment.
The Phototherapy technology clears the skin of marks, blemishes and spots, to deliver a smoother, even-toned look and feel.
Safe and hypo-allergenic titanium plate.

Four cutting-edge technologies in one easy-to-use device. Galvanic current technology has been used for many years in skin care treatments, mostly in professional spa and salon treatments. Galvanic massage has been made accessible to everyone with Annique’s DermaLIFT and DermaLIFTII devices.

DermaLIFT’s galvanic ion and microcurrent technologies help to transport essential nutrients to the skin, draw impurities out of the skin, and improve the effective working of your Annique products, resulting in visibly improved skin. Positive and negatively charged galvanic ions stimulate the skin, promoting blood circulation and metabolism of skin cells, making the skin healthier and glossy. With the added benefit of DermaLIFT II your skin becomes clearer, younger and healthier.
Photo (light) Therapy
Red light (cell activating and healing)
Blue light (anti-bacterial and cleansing)

Phototherapy is unique to the DermaLIFT II as it focuses on painless, non-invasive light therapy treatment.

Clinical Studies show that red LED light energy improves blood circulation and triggers collagen production and tissue growth at an increased rate, which results in the rapid improvement of healing, skin’s elasticity, skin firming and pain management. Visible red light is capable of penetrating the skin and once absorbed, the light energy is converted to cellular energy, stimulating the body’s natural processes on a cellular level. There is an increase in blood flow, allowing the treated parts of the body to receive the oxygen and nutrients they need in order to function more effectively. The results are anti-ageing benefits, accelerated healing and pain relief.

Further clinical studies have shown that the blue LED light energy omits a specific wavelength that causes bacteria to self-destruct and facilitates natural, fast blemish clearing and acne healing on the skin. Blue light acne treatment kills acne bacteria on and under the skin. Throughout the treatment, the skin is exposed to a blue light source for a short period of time. In-home treatments are recommended daily, until acne is either cleared or under control, then the frequency is reduced to maintenance treatments twice to three times per week.

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