ResQue Cream Upsize (60ml) + Free ResQue Cream (30ml)

Volume: 60ml + 30ml
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ResQue Upsize + Free normal ResQue cream

Resque Crème 60ml
For skin care emergencies! The Rooibos Resque Crème brings relief for many everyday skin conditions. This one-of-a-kind formulation is a must-have for every emergency kit in the home, handbag or car.

“Resque Essence is the smallest but most handy lifesaver to keep in a handbag. It opens up the airways to allow you to take deep breaths. Should you experience any insect bites apply it to the affected area to alleviate the irritation.” Sarette

Testimonial: “I have tried everything from prescription medication to homeopathic creams for the eczema on my hands, but nothing worked. Resque Crème has solved my problem, and doesn’t leave an oily residue, so it is ideal for men. Thank you Annique.” Francios

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