Rooibos Tea (Export)


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Rooibos Export Grade Tea


From the Good Earth and Mountains of the Cape of Good Hope – caffein free. This product is all-natural, free of any preservatives or artificial colourants and hygienically treated for your health’s sake.

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Rooibos Export Grade Tea – 200g

Rooibos is no ordinary tea. It has a distinctive taste and aroma and it does not contain any kiloJoules. As such it’s ideal to use while on a diet. No matter how, Rooibos is good for everybody and never harms. If thirsty, it quenches; if exercising, it strengthens; if sleepless, it induces sound sleep. Excellent for babies when combined with their bottle-feed. All-in-all the world’s most superb health drink: Annique Rooibos tea.


80 bags

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Refreshing Tea


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